La Terza Roasterie Beans by the Pound at Dojo

La Terza Roasters

Since first opening Dojo has proudly supported La Terza Roasterie and the totally delicious beans that owner Chuck Pfahler roasts daily at his location in Northside. We pull shots of his espresso for Dojo’s affogatos (a Cincinnati Magazine 2010 “Eat This Now” food find) and brew a variety of his single origin beans in our Hario and Fetco brewers.

In addition to providing you La Terza by the cup at Dojo, we now carry a rotating, and most importantly, fresh selection of La Terza beans by the pound. We are proud to be another retail location for the best locally roasted coffee beans in Cincinnati. Be sure to check out the links below for more information about Chuck and La Terza’s roasting process.

Great video with Chuck discussing his roasting philosophy, here.

Also an in-depth post from the Amateur Foodies blog on the journey of coffee and La Terza, here.

It’s time for the best coffee ever at Dojo, y’all!

Cincinnati Unchained + Dojo Gelato!

Cincinnati Unchained

We are happy to announce that Dojo Gelato is participating in this year’s  BuyCincy’s Cincinnati Unchained. The event takes  place Saturday Nov. 21st throughout Cincinnati. Participating businesses are offering discounts, gifts and charitable donations during this annual campaign focusing on locally-owned businesses.

According to BuyCincy, “Every dollar you spend at a locally-owned business generates  approximately three times more economic activity than a dollar spent at  the typical ‘big-box.’ By choosing to shop locally-owned for just one day, we can help to improve Cincinnati’s economy.”  It’s sometimes a matter of convenience or habit to use the Internet or visit a mall, but shopping locally helps not only independently owned businesses, it also helps our city’s economy to keep growing.

Dojo Gelato is participating in this years Unchained event with a special offer on our gift cards. For every $25 gift card you purchase at Dojo on November 21st, you will receive a $5 card for free. Dojo gift cards can be used for any item at our store including hand packed pints, made-to-order gelato cakes/pies, and even toward catering events with our gealto cart. But the true reward in our offer is that you’ll not only be supporting a locally owned business with the purchase of a gift card, you’ll also be supporting a merchant at Findlay Market (Ohio’s oldest continually operated community market).

Fellow Cincinnati Unchained businesses for 2009 include:

Atomic Number Ten – 1306 Main St., Over-the-Rhine
Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore & Decafe – 3054 Madison Rd., Oakley
Bromwell’s – 117 W. 4h St., Downtown
Chicken Lays an Egg – 1608 Chase Ave., Northside
College Hill Coffee Co. – 6128 Hamilton Ave., College Hill
Contemporary Arts Center – 44 E 6th St., Downtown
Dojo Gelato – 1801 Race St. (Findlay Market), Over-the-Rhine
Essencha Tea House & Fine Teas – 3212a Madison Rd., Oakley
Field of Vue – 334 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue
Findlay Market- 1801 Race St., Over-the-Rhine
indigenous – 2008 Madison Rd., O’Bryonville
Litwin’s – 7565 Kenwood Rd. Suite 204, Kenwood
Joseph Williams Home – 1232 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine
NVISION – 4577 Hamilton Ave., Northside
Park + Vine- 1109 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine
The Spotted Goose – 3048 Madison Rd., Oakley
Switch – 1207A Vine St., Over-the-Rhine
Yottaquest – 7607 Hamilton Ave., Mt. Healthy

Beyond November 21st, please do your part year-round to support the above listed merchants, or, at the very least, visit a business here in Cincinnati first that is locally owned before preferring a Big Box retailer!

Dojo’s Gelato for October 17th – 23rd

Is nostalgia a bad thing? We hope not. This week we are bringing to you a few of our favorite flavors from back in the day.

Bourbon Vanilla (We use a pure Ile de Bourbon vanilla extract, cold pressed by our vanilla supplier ensuring that this extract has the utmost of flavor and depth. There is nothing “just vanilla” about our Bourbon Vanilla gelato. Most ice cream connoisseurs would agree that vanilla is a good place to start when measuring up an ice cream shop. Our vanilla won’t leave you disappointed.)

Cap’n Crunch (Our Cap’n Crunch gelato is time travel. 1986. Saturday morning. Tight Underoos. You and your siblings fighting over the remote because you have t-minus 10 and GI-Joe is on local Channel 7 but the Bloodhound Gang still hasn’t solved the caper on 3-2-1 Contact. Decisions!)

Caramel (If Dojo had a motto it would be “No shortcuts.” Our caramel is handmade at our store, the moment we decide to create a fresh batch of Caramel gelato. We just have to find a way to make popcorn gelato and before you now it everything will be coming up Dojo.)

Apple Cider Sorbetto (We love apples as much as Johnny Appleseed. Expect Apple Cider Sorbetto to be one of many flavor variations of delicious fall apples available to us right now in the Ohio area. This sorbetto starts off bright and crisp then finishes with grown up tastes of cardamom, cinnamon and lemon. Pair this sorbetto with our Caramel gelato and we promise not to stare as you have a personal moment.) Vegan.

Malted Milk (“Cincinnati’s First Malted Milk Gelato.” Sorry, just a wee bit of local gelato humor. Anywho. Too bad you can’t stuff Dojo’s Malted Milk gelato in a box and sneak it in the movies. While you’re sitting in the theater, watching a picture show, this gelato would have the magical ability to transform the Glen or Glenda’s of the world into the Godfather I, II and II.)

Dutch Chocolate (Speaking of classic films, our Dutch Chocolate is pretty much the Dolemite of gelato.)

Cookies -n- Cream (After your mouth’s papillae got slathered in our Cookies-n-Cream gelato, there will be no turning back between you and our Italian-style ice cream. Grab a spoon. Grab a seat. And just let Dojo’s Cookies-n-Cream whisper its sweet, sweet, song to you.)

Banananilla (Just like grandmamma use to make. Or not. Either way, Banananilla wants to know if you’ll be its new BFF. This gelato has a whole mess of fresh bananas and mounds of hand crushed Nilla wafers waiting to be om nom nomed. You’re gonna blush.

Toasted Almond and Orange Blossom Honey (As the great RATT once proclaimed, “And you’re back. You’re back for more….”)

Lemon-Rosemary Sorbetto (Sometimes we light a few candles, burn some nice Nag Champa, do an hours worth of Kundalini yoga, then wind down with a pint of our Lemon-Rosemary Sorbetto.) Vegan.

Churro (If Ricardo Montalban where still around, this would be his gelato of record. All the way, without a doubt. Mexican Vanilla Bean + Cinnamon.)

Pumpkin -n- Spice (Could possibly be the official Dojo gelato of football season. We hope this flavor will become so popular with you that you’ll begin to wonder why all Pumpkin ice cream isn’t the color of, well, Pumpkin.)

See y’all soon!

Love, Dojo

Pawpaw Gelato


Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Ron Powell of Fox Paw Ridge Farm in Cincinnati. Ron is a local grower of Pawpaw’s and Joanne Drilling of Slim’s Restaurant suggested he get in contact with Dojo. Ron was kind enough to bring by 20 lbs of fresh Pawpaw for us. What is a Pawpaw you ask?

Pawpaw is a genus of small clustered trees with large leaves and fruit, native to North America. They are largest edible fruit indigenous to the continent. Pawpaw is in the same family (Annonaceae) as the custard-apple, cherimoya, sweetsop, ylang-ylang and soursop, and it is the only member of that family not confined to the tropics.

The earliest documentation of pawpaws is in the 1541 report of the de Soto expedition, who found Native Americans cultivating it east of the Mississippi River. The Lewis and Clark Expedition depended and sometimes subsisted on pawpaws during their travels. Chilled pawpaw fruit was a favorite dessert of George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson was certainly familiar with it as he planted it at Monticello. The Ohio Pawpaw Growers’ Association lobbied for the pawpaw to be the Ohio state native fruit in 2006; this was made official in 2009. — Wiki

Best of all? Pawpaw is muy delicious. They have a taste of custard with hints of banana, mango, vanilla bean and passion fruit. This weekend we will be making just a few batches of the rare and wonderful fruit into our gelato. Come on down for a taste!