A Saucy Smooch to Cincinnati’s Finest Foods

Dojo Gelato Porkopolis

Dojo's Porkopolis Gelato Served in Caitlin's Homemade Pizzelle Trumpets

Last week Cooking with Caitlin celebrated Cincinnati Porkopolis-style at her monthly Third Thursday event at the McAlpin. We think our Porkoplis gelato looks pretty damn sexy on her handrolled pizzelle trumpet. To see more photos from the event follow this link.

Porkopolis. One of Cincinnati’s favorite things in 2009.

Dojo Gelato Porkopolis

The Elvis (Porkopolis gelato + Taste of Belgium waffle)

We have a nice mention in today’s dining section of the Cincinnati Enquirer! Our Porkopolis gelato–made with maple and candied bacon–was one of Polly Campbell’s favorite food finds in 2009. Hopefully she can drop by in 2010 for Dojo’s off the menu gelato sandwich, “The Elvis.” One really hasn’t lived until you have experienced our Porkopolis gelato on a fresh Taste of Belgium waffle.

Wine Me, Dine Me Visits Dojo

Some would say getting quirky with bacon is a bit cliched nowadays. After the bacon explosion, bacon bars and bacon bubble gum, when will America’s love for all things swine end? We don’t know. And we’re not worried about trends. As long as Cincinnati is digging on Porkopolis, we’ll happily be making it every Saturday down at Dojo. Thanks to Wine Me, Dine Me for the Porkopolis love.